If you have never played a Spectra online slot machine before, there are a few things that you should know before you do so. This casino game is not like traditional slots where you just press a button to spin the reels and hope that you get lucky. With Spectra, you must analyze the cards that come out and the symbols on those cards before you can actually bet. If you do not understand the symbols on the card, then you cannot place a bet. That is why it is best for online slot players to review Spectra reviews written by casino pros before they actually play the game.

Like other slot games, in Spectra, you will need to study the layout of the reel. With thirty paylines, five lines and five clear reels, Spectra Slot has more than enough freedom to entice you to play more. However, with Spectra, you will never again find any free spins or Scatter bets. Instead, the neon-style icons above the cards have different meanings. For example, the square inside the red circle on a card means that you have a high chance of getting the card that is inside, while the small triangles signify that you are likely to get the jackpot. The colors of the coins in a slot machine also mean something, and the slot machine that symbolizes “bust” is bluer.

Unlike most other casino games, in which winning is based on luck and chance, in Spectra, the game is entirely dependent on strategic thinking. You can either win or lose depending on how you play your cards, and you can only use money from your bankroll to buy cards. In addition, as you accumulate more points, the chance of winning increases. You can also choose to play the game against the computer, and there are times when winning seems impossible until you have entered a specific combination. However, like any other video game, you can only use the provided cheat codes to enhance the game experience, and win or lose in Spectra is based on strategy more than luck.

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